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Indulge in the exquisite allure of the Verve Mirror Cabinet, an emblem of elegance poised to redefine your bathroom’s allure.

Key Features

  • Cool white LED illumination
  • Quick access, illuminated open storage
  • Mirrored back panel
  • Wireless phone charging pad for compatible smartphones
  • 2 pin integrated charging socket
  • USB charging socket
  • Double-sided mirrored doors
  • Mirrored sides
  • Soft-close hinges
  • Touch free operation
  • Removable keep clean mat
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The Verve Mirror Cabinet seamlessly merges substance with unparalleled style, crafting a breath-taking centrepiece for your sanctuary. Its timeless design, characterized by mirrored doors softly aglow with LED borders, exudes a captivating aura of sophistication. Elevated by a floating glass shelf bathed in illuminating radiance, Verve offers a sublime platform to showcase cherished accessories or stow away daily essentials with grace.

Within its luxurious confines, discover an array of cutting-edge bathroom technologies, including an integral wireless phone charger, a two-pin charging socket, and a USB port, each meticulously integrated to enhance your daily rituals with unparalleled convenience. To preserve its pristine allure, a bespoke keep-clean mat adorns the cabinet shelf, safeguarding against any spills or stains, ensuring enduring elegance in every detail.

Additional information


  • Contemporary
  • Modern


  • Wall Mounted



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