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Idea Sauna

The Idea collection of saunas seamlessly blends the exquisite simplicity of Nordic craftsmanship with the refined elegance of bespoke Italian design.

Key Features

  • Inside Back Wall, Fittings Canadian Hemlock (slats)
  • Internal, External Side Walls Canadian Hemlock (smooth)
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Within the compact confines of the Idea Sauna, the heater remains discreetly veiled behind a lustrous slatted hemlock panel, adorned with a refined towel holder and hosting the control panel.

The interior ambiance is bathed in a soft, radiant glow emanating from flush-mounted lighting fixtures, casting a serene and inviting aura throughout the space.

Additional information


  • Modern
  • Luxury


  • Bespoke


  • Wood


Idea 301320mm1250mm2010mm
Idea 451800mm1450mm2010mm
Idea 602100mm1600mm2010mm

Technical Plan(s)

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