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EauZone Arch Wet Room Panel

The stunning EauZone Arch Wet Room Panel stands out as a captivating wet room panel, adorned with a beautifully proportioned brass frame.

Key Features

  • 10mm thick safety glass
  • All frames and fittings made of brass
  • Available in 11 Swadling Brassware special finishes
  • Integrated Shower Brace
  • Glass Guard Easy Clean Protection
  • Tinted and Satin/Frosted glass finishes available
  • Shower Brace includes one first fix item
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The captivating design of the EauZone Arch Wet Room Panel features a beautifully proportioned brass outline, enhancing the visual appeal with its eye-catching presence. A Shower Brace, seamlessly integrated, not only secures the panel but also ensures an uninterrupted headroom in the shower area.

Revel in the dual functionality as it securely holds the panel and delivers a central deluge for a shower experience that combines opulence with innovative design. Elevate your bathroom to new heights of luxury with this exquisite wet room panel.

Additional information


  • Contemporary
  • Minimal
  • Luxury


  • Glass
  • Brass

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