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3ONE6 Shower Valve

The 3ONE6 Shower Valve is more than just a functional necessity; it embodies opulence and innovation. Crafted from high-grade 316 stainless steel, it not only resists corrosion but also elevates the aesthetics of your contemporary bathroom.

Key Features

  • ‘Flush-block’ testing plate included for easy pressure testing
  • Easy fix 2nd stage trim sets reduce installation times
  • Built in, ‘Easy-switch’ thermostatic module
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The 3ONE6 Shower Valve boasts improved flow control through a user-friendly button mechanism, providing a modern twist to conventional shower panels. Its sleek design, marked clearly for hot and cold water, exemplifies both sophistication and functionality.

This WRAS-approved masterpiece is not only perfect for high water pressure systems but also prioritizes safety with its thermostatic technology. Ensuring a consistent water temperature, regardless of pressure changes in your household, makes it an ideal choice for families.

Additional information


  • Stainless Steel


  • Modern


  • Wall Mounted


  • Brass

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