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MPRO Industrial Mono Basin Mixer

MPRO Industrial Mono Basin Mixer is an exquisite fusion of reimagined essentials from the MPRO collection harmoniously intertwined with the intricate nuances inspired by the Industrial design movement. Crosswater proudly unveils a selection of opulent offerings, seamlessly marrying the contemporary with the timeless.

Key Features

  • For use with counter-top basins
  • Gracefully evolve in colour through the elegant process of oxidization
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The unparalleled opulence of MPRO Industrial’s ‘Unlacquered Brushed Brass’ culminates in a living finish, meticulously crafted to evolve gracefully over the passage of time. Deliberately conceived and impeccably fashioned, this finish undergoes a gradual oxidation process, bestowing upon it a mesmerizing transformation of hues. The outcome is a peerlessly unique industrial aesthetic that imbues your bathroom with an aura of distinct personality and refined luxury.

Additional information


  • Unlacquered Brass
  • Polished Chrome


  • Industrial


  • Deck Mounted



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