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Tin Boat Bath

Presenting the exquisite Tin Boat Bath, a testament to timeless elegance destined to grace your bathroom with unparalleled beauty.

Key Features

  • 5 year guarantee
  • Available in two size options
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Crafted in the distinguished tradition of hand craftsmanship, the original Tin Boat Bath embodies centuries of artisanal mastery, showcasing subtle undulations and delicate variations in its finish.

Each bath is a masterpiece of individuality, ensuring a bespoke touch that is exclusively yours.

Tin and Copper Baths exemplify unparalleled heat conductivity, ensuring water temperatures are sustained far longer than those in Cast Iron counterparts.

Additional information


  • Traditional
  • Luxury


  • Bespoke


  • Tin


  • Free-standing


1500mm700mm700mm180 litres
1700mm700mm700mm180 litres

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