Meet the Maker: Laufen

Swiss design coupled with cutting edge production techniques and an eco-friendly approach to water saving have put Laufen bathrooms at the top of the tree. orough inspection at production stage means your toilet or basin will have a awless nish helping you translate your vision into reality.

Why Choose Laufen?

Swiss Design Heritage
With over a century of design experience behind them, the European style of Laufen is evident throughout their products. Placing an emphasis on cleanliness, style and comfort, they have perfected this balance over the decades.

A watershed moment in ceramic and sanitary ware production, SaphirKeramik items possess a totally modern aspect. Ultra-thin yet totally durable, this revolutionary material makes the previously impossible a reality, resulting in a range of products with a crisp and clean appearance.

Hygienic Forms
Laufen have integrated concealed over ows and hidden drains into many of their products. Elegant and neat, they eliminate the open and outdated look of many waste units. Laufen Pro Rimless WC is perhaps the ultimate in redesigning the everyday, as its unique pro le eliminates the nooks that harbour bacteria.

Environmental Conscience
Recognising the importance of water as a precious, global commodity, Laufen products are designed to be as economical as possible. Dual use options allow user discretion when it comes to the water usage of WC units, while the innovative siphon urinals require no water. Committed to sustainability at all levels of manufacture, and an emphasis on durability, the hard-wearing items are designed to last for years to avoid unnecessary replacement

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