Upgrade To A Digital Shower

digital shower upgrade

20% off all Digital Shower Packages from 6th Jan – 28th Feb 2017!

Save 20% on our range of digital showers this winter. Our offer includes all Bathroom Brands digital ranges, Crosswater digital range and Aqualisa Quartz, Rise and HiQu digital packages.

Or Free Upgrade to Digital Showering for full bathroom orders!

For all bathroom orders spending over £5,000 this winter we will upgrade your shower to a digital shower package free of charge!

The free digital shower upgrade will match the key specifications of the initial shower quoted.


Simplicity at the touch of a button…


Digital showers are ideal for everyone: an inclusive, innovative showering technology that makes showering accessible and enjoyable. With simple, intuitive controls and enhanced safety features digital showers are super safe, reliable and ideal for every type of bathroom user.

Say good bye to hot or cold surges or questioning if the shower is warm enough yet, unlike a conventional shower, a digital shower is controlled remotely and by a small processor box. This processor box is able to blend the water thermostatically by monitoring the temperature to make sure it stays exactly set – even if someone is using water else where in the house. Simply turn it on with the touch of a button, precisely adjust the flow and temperature, when the softly lit dial glows white the shower has come to temperature. There is also peace of mind that in the event of a problem the water will shut off, preventing any fluctuating temperatures.

Unlike conventional showers, digital showers offer the opportunity to add a secondary start top button, this remote control can be fitted outside of the shower allowing you to operate your digital shower from outside the shower area. By bringing the shower up to temperature before stepping in we can say goodbye to cold water splashes!

There are many advantages to digital showering, not only for the user experience but also in the installation. Digital showers are very straight forward to install; a simple, slim data cable connects the digital shower’s control to its processor box which can be located up to 10m away from the shower. For houses with low pressure, gravity fed systems, digital showers are also available with a pump making it one of the very best options for replacing a shower.

For further details or to see examples please do not hesitate to contact us on 01722 332808 or visit our showroom.